Sunday, May 24, 2009

I must be an idiot

The title speaks for itself.  I have yet to figure out how this blog thing works.  If anyone is actually reading this please let me know because as it is now I am writing to myself.  Until I figure this out I will just pretend people are reading it :)  

Things are crazy busy right and slightly stressful, especially for J.  He is now officially a third year medical student and it studying for his step 1 boards (for anyone that doesn't know this is pretty much the most important test; residency programs look at those score once you graduate to decide if they want him in their program).  Needless to say, J is not in the best of moods.  His test is June 11th and on June 13th we are packing up and moving to Port Saint Lucie where he will be doing the clinical portion of med school.  We both are so excited to get the heck out of Tallahassee and are counting down the days.  We were able to find a house to rent and I was able to get a job fairly easily on a pediatric unit.  We have a lot of packing to do which I am really dreading :(

I have so much more to talk about but I am going to stop here and find out if anyone is actually reading this first.  Thanks!


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  1. Shannon I just read your blog! I saw someone is a follower on my blog and I dont know who it is, but I looked through their other followers and I was like OH! Shannon has a blog. lol. Anyways nice to read whats going in your life! TTYL